About the Center

Diagnostics and Testing Center is a modern laboratory, equipped with the latest technology. It provides services in the field of testing various technological equipment and products for the compliance with corresponding standards and requirements for further certification of the analyzed facilities.

Our specialists will carry out necessary measurements and a variety of tests for your electrical equipment, machinery, apparatuses, and quality tests of explosion proof equipment.

Our Center has a reliable testing laboratory whose researches are the grounds for subsequent certification; Measuring Laboratory on labor protection; ELECTRIC laboratory.

The powerful diagnostics and laboratory facilities, broad experience and vast knowledge of our experts allow us to carry out all the preparatory cycle of certification by the Center without any involvement of other organizations and services.

Various tests of the process, electric-, and explosion-proof equipment will help detect hidden defects of their design, optimize operational modes, which, in turn, increase the efficiency of the production process.

The diagnostics and testing center has the drop on similar organizations as it performs orders quickly, completely and accurately. Meanwhile, the cost of the services is optimal.

Cooperation with the Center is a convenient scheme of end-to-end servicing: from individual testing operations to comprehensive certification activities. This approach helps to save time and money of our clients, and ensures a successful result.

Our clients