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About the Center

Labor Protection Center "TechnoProgress" offers the most modern methods of training and assessment of workplaces to ensure a safe working life of the employees of enterprises and organizations in all types of industries.

Assessment of workplaces is performed by qualified professionals with practical experience. In the company, a special Testing (measuring) laboratory is being operated, designed for workplace assessments, certified in the GOST R System and entered in the register of the Ministry of Health and Social Development for accredited organizations providing services in the field of occupational safety and health (Notification of entry in the register № 1838 of 10.06.2011).

Our experts use the latest equipment for measuring the factors of working environment and working process. A wide range of equipment ensures the assessment of workplaces simultaneously for multiple client organizations. Thus, clients of TechnoProgress receive necessary services within the least possible time without any long waiting.

In addition to assessments of workplaces, our company has developed a number of training programs on occupational safety and health:

  • The training on occupational safety and health for managers and specialists of enterprises, institutions and organizations in various directions of economic activity:
  • Advanced training on occupational safety for those responsible for the state of safety in the organization under the Program "Labor" in the amount of 72 hours. Upon completion of training the employees that have undergone it will receive certificates of the prescribed form.
  • The Seminar "assessment of workplaces in relation to working conditions».
Customers opinions

We hereby want to very positively characterize the work of your company to prepare and conduct training for the employees of OJSC Cherkizovo Group. The learning process is organized efficiently and consistently. The customers' wishes with regards to the timing and form of classes were taken into account. There were no changes in the schedule and departures from the agreed timetable. The quality of the material has been assessed as excellent. All of the above motivated us to re-apply to the services of your company, which once again confirmed the high quality of customer service.

Our clients

We have successfully performed work at the facilities of the following companies

OOO "Kimberly-Clark"


OAO "Severstal"


OOO "PepsiCo Holdings"