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Energy resources on earth are not endless. A country that does not own its own energy resources cannot be called a world power. Russia has abundant energy resources and a powerful fuel and energy complex, which is the basis for economic development, an instrument of domestic and foreign policy.

Natural energy resources, industrial, scientific, technical and personnel potential of the energy sector is a national treasure of Russia. Its effective use creates the necessary conditions for the putting of the economy on a path of sustainable development, ensuring the welfare and living standards of the population.

The experience gained by the company's specialists allows us to solve this problem by conducting a comprehensive energy audit with the subsequent development and implementation of measures for energy- resource conservation prior to the conclusion of long-term energy service contracts which allow us to plan the reduce of energy consumption.

We find an individual approach to each of our customers. We study complex production processes, the flows of energy consumption for the production of the primary product, for supporting industries. and we also study the mechanism of complex energy system, resulting in the appearance of unique and energy-saving measures.

The potential of the company allows examining of large industrial consumers of FPR, organizations engaged in the production, transportation and processing of energy resources, organizations engaged in regulated activities, businesses and organizations with the involvement of the state and municipality.

The company TechnoProgress is ready to solve complex strategic challenges and is capable of dealing with them across the country. Our goal is to reduce the cost of production and use of energy resources through rationalization of their consumption, use energy-saving technologies and equipment, increase financial stability and efficiency of the energy sector potential for the socio-economic development of Russia.

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About the Center

The Center for Energy Audit, TechnoProgress, provides a full range of services in the field of energy audits and energy inspections. We have formed an experienced expert group, set up necessary infrastructure that enables to conduct integrated studies, analyze the results and to develop the necessary documentation. The Center for Energy Audit does not provide mediation services, but independently performs all the necessary work. The geography of our work stretches from Kaliningrad to Chukotka.

The quality of our services in the field of energy audits has been certified by SRO NP "Interregional Association for Energy Audits "Energy Audit" and by numerous references from satisfied customers. Energy Audit, carried out in a timely manner, as well as the development of energy efficiency programs enable our clients to optimize energy consumption, reduce financing costs, and avoid penalties.

We provide our clients with the opportunities for sustainable development, energy efficiency and competitiveness on the market.

Having made your choice in favor of the Center for Energy Audit TechnoProgress, you will receive a high level of services and guaranteed results. Welcome to cooperation!

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